Siding Replacement

Frustrated With Your Home's Old Siding?

We provide top-notch siding replacements in Olathe, KS and all surrounding areas

If your home's siding is wearing out, it could have a detrimental impact on your house. Not only will your home look worse, but siding damage will also expose your home to the elements and lead to higher energy bills.

Thankfully, Melos Construction LLC provides reliable siding replacements in Olathe, KS. Our team is able to handle any type of siding, including replacing wood siding. We'll even offer tips and design ideas that'll help boost your home's curb appeal when you're choosing your new siding.

Don't let your old siding drag your home's value down. Speak with a member of our team now to get a free estimate on a siding replacement.

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Comprehensive care from start to finish

Our team takes a detailed approach to replacing your siding. We'll make sure that all of the old siding is removed properly, and that your new siding will last for decades.

During our replacement process, we will:

  • Remove all of the existing siding
  • Replace any rotten wood
  • Waterproof the new siding
  • Securely install your new siding

Whether you're looking to get new vinyl siding or replacing your wood siding, our team has you covered. Call us at 913-972-0054 to learn more about how our replacement process works.